Photo de crayons de couleurs

Single step...

I propose through this section to unfold the Work In Progress process, about my Honfleur harbor painting. I would say that the whole work took roughly around sixty hours long.

For this Work In Progress, let’s start to introduce the reference model. The original model has been a little bit resized to match the final format. At the time this WIP is uploaded on the site, the front pave way is not yet completed.

I start by representing the sky, by the end of afternoon spring day. I here use “carré conté”, with a middle size section soft pastel, with blend of different range of clear colors like yellow to cream light white. Then I yellow a bit all the surface with light ocher color.

After having fixed the whole sky with fixative spray, I start to define the frame of the first harbor buildings. Bodies are then “dressed” with frontage item, from roof to bottom ground level. The main used technique is to apply different layers, related to each position of scenery item. The difficult point here is the perfectly match each sector. For instance, ropes and masts which are part of building frontage will have to match their respective yachts, from different eyesight sector.

I hereby keep dressing the frontage with their respective colours, after having defined the « squeleton » structure. I also draw background vegetation, trees, hills which remain blured because of distance. I am here well focused on the distance rendering with the background, under penalty of failing the overall result, and perspective. Then I place the vehicle, which is a part of the building frontage. First masts are defined aswell and will link frontages to boats and water plan.

Ending of the frontage treatment, including vehicle which finally looks easier than I thought.

Once vehicle properly made, I place the audience respectfully with the proportions. The car here looks convincing… let’s keep on rolling!

I give here an idea about the size of the project, compare to pencils. I guess it would be interesting to consider the time spent at sharpening with time spent upon the subject itself!!

A short zoom in on what has already been made, to this point. The hardest part is not yet to be coming. Let’s keep focused…

I keep drawing from left to right with the next bloc, mastering the same technique. Skeleton structure then coating, roof to pavement.