About Eric Jean Pouillet...

Eric was born in northern France in July 1969 (Pas-de-Calais). After technical studies in industrial design, he naturally destines himself for a career as an architect.

As the sky was darkening his ambitions, he decided to enter the French Navy to travel the world and discover some other countries and people. It is a revelation.

Since very young, pencil in hand, he never ceases to sketch imaginary landscapes populated by unlikely creatures. Rich from his travels and encounters, his technique is refined. Colors appear, change and mix.

The origins of his passion for drawing passes first through the conventional color pencils. First attempt with Pastel pencils convinced him about the quality of color intensity restitution and lightning.

The time spe
nt on these projects is composed of successive parts of his free time. A good hundred hours is required to reach the end of his project.

He dedicates his color palette today to a number of pieces which differ as much as their technical difficulty as the chosen theme.
Self-taught, he strives with his own technique to make the likelihood of the subject as detailed and bright as a photograph in high definition.

His willingness to go much further with Pastel will be illustrated through his galleries with talent.

Wild Life
Photo de sand castle
Photo de Bébé Miao
Photo gros plan de pastels
Place Foch de Saint-Omer
Kyoto Maiko
Sand Castle
Miao baby